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Welcome to Evelyn’s new Blog.

Welcome to the new site ¬†for Scottish author Evelyn Hood. We’re currently working to bring you all the news and updates on what Evelyn is currently working on.

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Many thanks for your support.

  • Mary Ann McKenzie   /   January 15, 2018., 1:50 pmReply

    Dear Evelyn, I am emailing you from Stouffville, Ontario, Canada and am having my morning coffee. You came into my mind almost first thing today as my dear dear friend Claire Crawford lent me many of your books years ago when my children were small and I needed diversion. She spoke highly of you. I loved your books! Claire and I were pals and lived in Toronto just a few blocks away from each other. Her husband, Don and I attended university together. When my children were small we attended many of her play performances. We laughed a lot together and went to the Columbus Centre to do our little workout. My, how I miss her. I was perusing your site and see your underlying theme being that of survival. I believe that is why I thought of you just now, because I am entering a new phase in my life, having recovered from the effects of a concussion and now working on a knee injury which has altered things. I see you are a fighter and that you are coping with reduced sight. How do you manage to stay cheerful? How do you manage not to feel sorry for yourself? If you do have a moment i would like to communicate with you about some of these things. I am a musician and do like to write when the spirit moves me..Ah yes, change! the only constant in life. It warms my heart to have found you here today, my dear pal, Claire's friend. Blessings and greetings from Stouffville (also known as Snowville...brrr!)